Agile Connect

What is Agile Connect®?

Agile Connect® is a platform of People and Teams, with Portuguese roots, that encourages and supports the widespread adoption of effective Lean & Agile thinking and practices.



In simple words, our purpose is to “Inspire People and Organizations to change their Mindsets towards Growth”.



We envision a world driven by learning organizations, “powered” by astonishing teams, built around motivated individuals.



We inspire people and organizations to achieve their full potential, by:

  • Spreading Lean and Agile thinking and practices.
  • Nurturing people’s autonomy, mastery and purpose.
  • Applying systems thinking to solve complex challenges.



All Agile Connect® Facilitators and Coaches value:

  • Courage: the tenacity to work through issues and disagreements without compromising one’s own principles.
  • Empathy: the capacity to understand other people’s motivations, needs, and emotions more deeply.
  • Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.
  • Resilience: the capacity to bounce back after a disturbance or interruption, adapting to changing conditions.
  • Pragmatism: the capacity to deal with multiple choices or unknowns in a sensible and realistic way, based on practical considerations.



As a platform for Teams and People to connect, share and learn with each other, we respect the following principles:

  • Focus: each Team will focus only on its Mission, either the development of a local ecosystem, or the delivery of a project.
  • Transparency: each Team will share its agenda and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.
  • Trust: every Team will rely on other Teams’ actions to fulfill Agile Connect®’s Purpose, Vision and Mission, effectively acting as a Trustor for all other Teams (the Trustees).
  • Autonomy: although open to external considerations, every Team will make its own decisions and chart its own direction according to its pursuit of value, free from external control.
  • Alignment: all Teams will comply with a set of agreed constraints and periodically review their arrangement of forces in relation to one another, in order to collectively achieve Agile Connect®’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and common Initiatives.



For 2016, our strategic initiatives are:



The Agile Connect® platform has the following advisory and decision making bodies in place:

  • The Consortium, the organizations that align with Agile Connect’s Vision and partner with us.
  • The Steering, a committee of invited members who share their wisdom with all of us.
  • The Circle Of Trust, a Team whose purpose is to develop and strengthen the Organization.
  • The Circle Of Influence, a Team whose purpose is to connect and leverage the Ecosystem.
  • The Circles Of Practice, Agile Teams whose purpose is to develop the Community.
  • The Chairs, a committee made up of nominated members for legal purposes only.