Innovation with Jobs To Be Done

Agile ConnectScrum Alliance



Session Type:

  • Workshop (half day).


Session Track:

  • Product Development.


Session Language:

  • English.


Session Level:

  • Conscious (Ha) Practitioners.


Session Summary:

Having ideas and understanding customer needs is not enough anymore. Using Jobs To Be Done techniques you can bring innovation to an higher level.


Session Abstract:

The innovation journey from idea to customer value is usually very intense. In this workshop, you will work in teams to create a product and practice how to discover the “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD). JTBD techniques enable organizations to better innovate, better collaborate and keep focus on achieving customer value.


Learning Objectives:

  • Jobs To Be Done.
  • Jobs To Be Done Map.
  • Jobs To Be Done Outcomes.
  • Business Model Canvas.
  • Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Minimum Viable Product.