Avelino Ferreira

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Agile Connect Conference 2016

Scrum Gathering® Portugal 2016

Attendee, Coach, Speaker
Case Study (45 minutes)
Adapting and adopting Agile to learn Agile Software Development

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<p>Avelino is a software developer that went through all IT "steps". He started in 1998 with microcomputers maintenance. In 2000 he became a programmer and since that he played the role of developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach.</p>
<p>Avelino has participated in several courses in the area and h was also a teacher in some of them. In the last two years Avelino was an assistant professor in the course of Agile Software Development in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.</p>
<p>In 2013 he started to present his Agile experiences in Brazil and the United States.</p>

Software Development Manager
Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Rio de Janeiro (TRE-RJ)
July 1 2008

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