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Scrum Gathering® Portugal 2016

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Transforming Education with eduScrum
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<p><strong>Willy Wijnands</strong> is a passionate chemistry and physics teacher on the Ashram College in Alphen aan de Rijn, and also an <a href="//aikido-kinomichi.nl/&quot;&quot;" target="&quot;&quot;_blank&quot;&quot;"><strong>Aikido</strong></a> teacher.</p>
<p>He is the initiator and founder of <a href="//eduscrum.nl/en/about-eduscrum&quot;&quot;" target="&quot;&quot;_blank&quot;&quot;"><strong>eduScrum</strong></a> and co-founder of the worldwide initiave "<a href="//www.agileineducation.org/ &quot;&quot;" target="&quot;&quot;_blank&quot;&quot;"><strong>Agile in Education</strong></a>". Co-author of the eduScrum guide and co-author of "<a href="//www.bol.com/nl/p/scrum-in-actie/9200000040263120/ &quot;&quot;" target="&quot;&quot;_blank&quot;&quot;"><strong>Scrum in Actie</strong></a>".</p>
<p>"I give the students ownership on their own learning process, but must important trust. The students take their responsibility for what they do and I give them liberty and space. The effect is that students are engaged, more productive and their results are better; It is such a wonderful to see them developing themselves!"</p>

Ashram College Alphen a/d Rijn
September 1 2011

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